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Install WebDAV

sudo yum install -y hubzero-webdav

Configure WebDAV

sudo hzcms configure webdav --enable


Test the fuse filesystem mount. Create the file mytest and then view the directory contents. You should see no errors and the file "mytest" should appear in the directory listing

sudo touch /webdav/home/admin/mytest
sudo ls -l /webdav/home/admin

Now test using a WebDAV client.

sudo yum install -y cadaver
sudo cadaver https://localhost/webdav

You will be prompted to accept self signed certificate (if it is still installed) and then to enter your username and password. Use the 'admin' account to test. The admin credentials are located in /etc/hubzero.secrets if you have forgetten them. When you get the "dav:/webdav/>" prompt just enter "ls" and you should see the "mytest" file listed.

Finally clean up test case

sudo yum remove cadaver
sudo rm /webdav/home/admin/mytest


If the test doesn't work, check if the fuse kernel module is loaded

sudo lsmod | grep fuse
fuse                   54176  0 

If there is no output then try starting the kernel module manually

sudo modprobe fuse

Then try the test again

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