VNC Proxy Server (HTML5)


sudo apt-get install -y hubzero-vncproxyd-ws


sudo hzvncproxyd-ws-config configure --enable
sudo service hzvncproxyd-ws start

Install SSL certificate files

Copy your SSL certificate files to /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.pem and /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.key and make sure they are readable by the user "hzvncproxy" and restart the hzvncproxy service.  Commands are below.  Be sure to replace "mycertfile" and "mycertkey" with the correct filename and path of your certificate file.

The following will accomplish this configuration:

sudo cp "mycertfile" /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.pem
sudo cp "mycertkey" /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.key

cd /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws

sudo chown hzvncproxy:hzvncproxy /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.pem
sudo chown hzvncproxy:hzvncproxy /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.key 

sudo chmod ug+r /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.pem
sudo chmod ug+r /etc/hzvncproxyd-ws/ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.key
When done, the ouput of "ls - al" should appear like this:
# ls -al
total 32
drwxr-xr-x.   3 root       root        4096 Dec 18  2018 .
drwxr-xr-x. 127 root       root       12288 Sep  6 14:20 ..
-rw-r-----.   1 hzvncproxy hzvncproxy  3243 May  9  2018 ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.key
-rw-r-----.   1 hzvncproxy hzvncproxy  4167 May  9  2018 ssl-cert-hzvncproxyd-ws.pem
drwxr-x---.   2 hzvncproxy root        4096 Feb 13  2019 targets
If you are using a self-signed or otherwise invalid certificate the tool viewer will likely reject it and not work. If you are using the same certificate as your website and you allowed Chrome to use the invalid cert then the tool viewer will probably accept it. If you are using Firefox the tool viewer will always reject the invalid certificate. Always use a valid SSL certificate with hzvncproxyd-ws.

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